Fonoteca vs. Lexus – 7 Pines Resort, Ibiza

Dreams come in all sizes, and the biggest collaboration of 2019 was with 7 Pines Resort Ibiza, on the edge of the spectacular cliffs of Cala Comte, commanding a cinematic view of the spiritual and iconic island, Es Vedra. Catering for the world’s elite, 7 Pines Resort went through a 4 year development plan, completely redesigning the cliff-top urbanisation to become a luxurious apart-hotel resort, including fine dining restaurants, an incredible pool area, terraces and a luxury spa facility.

Of course, we already had a full diary of weddings and private events in our 2019 calendar, so we proposed a programme of solo and duo artists to perform, and add musical variety on the Pershing Terrace, every night of the week, booking some of the island’s best musical talent.

From top left : Nell Shakespeare, The Lazy Twins, Coco with Jude Elliott, Bliaze.

We kicked off the summer by performing a special 23rd birthday party with Nell, The Lazy Twins and Wiebke upstairs in ‘The View’.

Being the first year working with the resort, we experimented with various musicians and devised hospitality concepts, including a very special sushi night with DJ Ian Kennedy.

Some of our featured artists included jazzy duo, Island Thrills, Wiebke Pahrmann, and saxophonists Dominique De Larrard and Tomas Toonders (pictured below).

Our efforts were granted the opportunity to provide a week of corporate hospitality events for Lexus, celebrating 30 years of the company. This took place in the resort’s incredible Cone Club restaurant. For this 8 day programme we called upon our trusted team of Rocky On Percussion and Dominique de Larrard, and introduced a new, exceptional musician to the Fonoteca roster, guitarist and vocalist Yan Adrover.

Every evening at sunset, the entertainment began with sublime sets courtesy of Ian and Rocky, showcasing his expertise with the hang-drum, and ensured that the guests experienced a true Ibiza spectacle.

Afterwards, the exceptional chefs at 7 Pines would offer a top class buffet ,and one of our artists would perform during dinner, followed by a special performance to accompany the birthday cake! It was a privilege to work for a brand like Lexus, especially in such a beautiful setting.