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An Ibizan love story – Kazamor, Ibiza

Over the years I admit to becoming a little cynical about the requirement for DJs like myself to need social network profiles. The task of managing each Facebook and Instagram account effectively, is a personal challenge and almost a job in itself!

The Date : October 1st 2022

The Couple : Beth & Luke

The Venue : Kazamor, Cala Vadella, Ibiza

But proof of their worth, if ever needed, came in the form of an Instagram message from Beth asking if I could provide the music program for her wedding day at Kazamor, Cala Vadella.

We communicated through Instagram and the opportunity arose to meet in Ibiza just before Xmas 2021. I told Beth and Luke that I’d be delighted to meet them in person, and how it’s always my preference so I can find out exactly what’s expected from the music. In a little bar, at the end of Plaza de Parque, we sat down for a drink and they told me their ideas for the day.

I happened to ask how they’d decided to contact me, to my surprise it was apparently down to my personal Instagram profile @djiankennedy. I was a bit taken aback, not considering my posting skills to be particularly good, however Beth told me that when searching through DJ options on Instagram, it was my profile that stood out from the rest, and I was their preference!

They were both very familiar with the island, and Beth having spent some family time here when growing up. Luke is a music fanatic, and he had a really detailed idea of how they wanted the day to progress from the time they would arrive at the venue, through the ceremony and onwards to the canapés… followed by a dinner playlist, and a DJ set for the after-dinner party.

I enlisted the services of two of my favourite musicians to perform with, and two great friends, who have been a fundamental part of the success of Fonoteca: Dominique de Larrard on saxophone, and Rocky on Percussion.

As a trio, we got off to a flyer for the guests arrival; me mixing a selection of uplifting vocal house, 80’s soul and electronica, and the boys showing off their skills. Playing with these two is so intuitive and effortless. Having been on so many stages together, we can read the vibe, the crowd and the set progression with zero stress, and deliver quality music.

As a lovely sub-plot to the day, the venue Kazamor happens to be about a minutes walk from where I live! Run by a wonderful couple Karen and Ged, it’s a jewel of a venue, set discretely into the lush, pine valley of Cala Vadella. The venue is superbly equipped and staffed, and in my opinion one of the best wedding venue options available on the island.

My day started at 11am for the set up and soundcheck, and it ended at 1am after the pack down. In that time I was probably controlling the music transitions, the microphones and PA output for 10 hours, with a small break during dinner. Dom had played for 90 minutes at the start of the day, but was back on for the first dance after dinner, with a medley of Whitney Houston and Jubel – nailing it, obviously! I then took control of the decks for the rest of the night mixing a selection of house, garage, disco, 80’s soul and pop, until this special night, and the 2022 season for Fonoteca came to a close.

It should never be taken for granted, which I certainly do not, that high quality professional musicians will do any more than just turn up on time and play. That is after all, what they’re paid for. However, with Dom and Rocky, I know I’m working with two exceptional musicians and professionals, and friends who always have my back and are willing do that little extra bit if it’s needed. On that day they certainly did. They are without doubt two of the finest musicians I’ve ever met, and happen to be two of the nicest people as well.

I can’t wait till summer 2023 to be playing music with them, for a new season of Ibiza events, and hope they’ll be as fun and memorable as Beth and Luke’s wedding.