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Chelu Garcia – Keys

About The Artist

Chelu Garcia is a native of Ibiza, like two of our other partner musicians Pere Navarro and Yeshe Ryser. Chelu’s magic is expressed through a keyboard. His musical performances can cover the full range of genres, including some for which only the true musical geniuses can master. He performs with his collection of keyboards, which includes some of the best manufactured and most complex available today.

Having met Chelu a few years ago, after he had collaborated with Nell Shakespeare to form our successful live band concept The Topaz Movement. Topaz started with the goal to create a trio, which became Chelu, Nell and Wiebke Pahrmann, using self-produced backing tracks created by Chelu and performed using Ableton Live and his keyboards. The band now has a portfolio of an impressive number of weddings and private events, and has added Ian Kennedy to DJ and mix the tracks.

His two main musical passions may seem as too dissimilar to possibly be mastered by one person, but you only have to watch Chelu play to realise it’s possible. His fingers can replicate advanced level Jazz, and his ability to improvise and direct the performance with his mastery of his keyboards. He also loved Techno, and this passion can be seen as you watch him manage and manipulate these synthesisers with the same timing, subtlety and expertise as he demonstrates when he’s playing his keys.

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