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With over twenty years experience as a DJ and running global club nights, Bekka’s genre-defying DJ sets are engaging, unpredictable and upbeat. It’s all about tight grooves and lush bass lines that genuinely resonate with the audience.

Bekka Rawkins is the type of DJ that captures the moment, spins you around and then smiles at you. Her knowledge of DJ heritage, its figureheads and the music that underpins it, is even more vast than her record collection, which in itself requires complex and complicated logistical procedures to manage. She hails from Kent, but her involvement in dance music kicked off in London when in the nineties when she spearheaded a midweek club night for croupiers and industry staff and became more involved with the cogs of the dance music industry.

It’s not surprising that Bekka responded honestly, and hilariously, to the question: ‘What is your proudest moment?”; with the response: “being clapped.” She loves music and DJing, and she lives it. Bekka spent the next ten years or so running nights and DJing in many of London’s underground bars and clubs. She hosted radio shows in London and in Sydney, Australia, has worked in record shops, in the office at BBE Music record label as well as music promotions, mailing out white labels to DJs, magazines and radio stations. In 2004 she set up a record distribution company with her partner, selling records to independent shops in London and the South East . Together they set up a record label and ran the Let It Play warehouse parties in Hackney Wick until April 2008, when they made a move to Ibiza which they have made their home and continue to establish themselves as purveyors and protectors of good music alongside raising two beautiful daughters.

If you want a DJ with a unique style and genuine respect and connection towards any dance music, you want Bekka. Perhaps your guests or clients want to hear a soundtrack which flirts from Acid House to Disco or a party DJ who will deliver according to the crowd yet guarantee top quality every time; you want Bekka.

She has a collection of online mixes to listen to, on her Mixcloud, and Soundcloud pages.

Artist: Bekka Rawkins
Label: Fonoteca
Genres: Balearic, Dance, Disco, Electro, Fonoteca DJ, House, Latin, Pop, Techno
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