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Dominique de Larrard lives life to its fullest in every possible sense, and has lived in Ibiza for over 20 years. Were I to try and list everything he is an established expert at, I’d risk breaking the internet. But predominantly Dom is a Saxophone player of unbelievable quality, and a man who pushes his physical and intellectual boundaries to their very limit. He enjoys scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain skiing, boat restoration, building houses… and he manages to fit all of that around his busy schedule performing the Sax.

He has worked with The Ibiza Feeling since it’s conception, and clearly enjoys all of our gigs, whether or not he gets a perfect chance to solo or not. He actually enjoys being in the team, and I can’t count the occasions when I have been faced with a set-up or pack-down that was going to be a challenge to complete single handed, only to spot Dom – always a step ahead – dealing with something technical of his own volition. He is a joy to work with, a conundrum to contemplate, and a spectacle to watch perform.

His main influence musically is David Sanborn.

Dom is a quintessentially versatile and reliable performer. He is a perfect sax accompaniment to any live act, and available to the fortunate few who want to get him in the studio to record some of his sweet sounds. He’s game for everything, so contact him if you’re interested.


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Artists: Dominique de Larrard, Fonoteca
Label: Fonoteca
Genres: Classical, Disco, Electro, Fonoteca Artist, Funk, House, Jazz, Pop

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