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Dominique de Larrard lives life to its fullest in every possible sense, and has lived in Ibiza for over 20 years. The first thing to accept is that Dominique is not normal. The baffling range of examples for his expertise can honestly seem like a joke. Couple that with his integral modesty, and we have a testament to a man like no other. He ‘enjoys’ scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain skiing, boat restoration, building houses… and, (by the way), also plays the piano! Predominantly, Dom is a Saxophone player of unbelievable quality, and a man who pushes his physical and intellectual boundaries to their very limit. 

It’s so difficult to write something complementary, which also sounds genuine, about the kind of person for whom superlatives were created. I can easily say this: I can’t identify a single gig I’ve done with Dom, (and there are probably more than 50), when he hasn’t given more than just his performance – and bear in mind, his performances are exceptional… without exception.

I will go so far as to say that: though Dom never needs anyone else’s help when it comes to ‘showtime’, he always recognises when there’s someone else who might, and he’ll be there… every single time, without fail. I’ve witnessed it, and I have been saved by Dom’s exemplary professionalism and ‘event’ instincts. 

He actually enjoys being in the team, and I’ve lost count of the occasions when I have been faced with a challenging stage set-up, or pack-down, only to spot Dom – always a step ahead – dealing with something important and technical, without being prompted or obliged. He is a joy to work with, a wonderful conundrum, and a musical spectacle on stage.

He cites his key influence as David Sanborn, but whether through Jazz, Soul, House or contemporary Pop music, Dom’s expression on Sax is one that must be heard to be believed.

Dom is a quintessentially professional, versatile and reliable performer. He is a perfect Sax accompaniment to any live act, and also available to the very, very fortunate for studio recording. Dom is an incredible musician, possessing the rare quality of being a free man with no limitations. We love him, and you will too.


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Artists: Dominique de Larrard, Fonoteca
Label: Fonoteca
Genres: Classical, Disco, Electro, Fonoteca Artist, Funk, House, Jazz, Pop

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