Ian Kennedy – The Little One E.P.


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About the Artist

The Little One E.P. was released on June 26th 2023, and features two productions. Both tracks are products of musical experimentation, and imagination.

Track A1. – 2 PAZ – is unashamedly underground garage, the music that first inspired Ian to become a DJ. It’s deep, and rolling, and designed for the dance floor. A place where people can leave their egos to one side, lose themselves in the music, and for a few hours become one, groovy family.

Track B1. – Let Them Come To Berlin – features a moving speech from Ian’s namesake, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, recorded at the Berlin Wall on the 26th June 1963, exactly 60 years ago today! His words on an ideological conflict are clearly still relevant, uplifting and poignant. They sound even more positive over a backing track of hardcore inspired piano chords!

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Written & Composed by Ian Kennedy.

Gaining notable acclaim, with a style evolved from the culture & sound of underground London, he’s now established in the Balearic scene. His DJ sets & productions are inspired by the history & roots of musical genres. By showcasing variety in his sets, he strives to enlighten his audiences.

INSTA: @djiankennedy

Mixed & mastered by La La Land Studios

Founded by Fred Lagergren, a musician, DJ, producer and studio engineer, La La Land Studios recently relocated from London to Ibiza, and Fred is the ‘man behind the mix’ for this, and all upcoming FONOTECA Music releases.

INSTA: @lalalandibz

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INSTA: @maxim.and.caspar

Label: FONOTECA Music
Release Date: 26-6-2023
Genres: Dance, Garage, House

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