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Pere Navarro is a young man with the musical world at his feet. His instrument of choice is the trumpet, his musical influences are widely ranging but his soul is solidly rooted in his motherland of Ibiza.

A band leader, social mover and creator of a modest age, Pere has turned the heads of the island’s music lovers with a live, and often improvised, series of events known as ‘The Freshly People’, where he has provided a platform for an impressive line-up of Balearic musical talent. It’s a great honour to be collaborating with this indisputable pioneer of quality music.

Asked about his favourite moment, he cites this: “Every moment is special, because you can always learn something. But if I would need to choose something, probably I would choose the gigs in Paris and in London with my Jazz Band.”

At only 26 years old, and playing music for 18 of those years, Pere’s musical acumen can compete with the best in the industry. Like Fonoteca’s other Ibicenc artists Pere is multi-lingual, speaking naturally in Castellano, Catalan, French and English, as he is on his chosen instruments. “Music is what I am. Everything else is what I do. I love Jazz artists like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Herbie Hancock; and obviously artists like Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, George Michael, G. Duke, Stevie Wonder.”

And as with our other native musicians, Chelu Garcia and Yeshe Ryser, Pere has already gained an impressive portfolio of performances: “I did a few tours with very well known Spanish artists such as Juan Perro (Santiago Auseron) and la Mala Rodríguez. I also did collaborations with international artists such as Sinkane at Primavera Sound Barcelona, and with producers like Guts, Quantic, and Nickodemus”

When asked if he is available for session recordings, this was his response: “Absolutely! I have my own little studio at home to record trumpets and also keyboards.” That, in our opinion, is a golden opportunity for producers worldwide, to improve their productions with samples from a star of the future.

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Artists: Fonoteca, Pere Navarro
Label: Fonoteca
Genres: Balearic, Classical, Disco, Fonoteca Artist, Funk, House, Jazz, Latin, Techno

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