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Rocky On Percussion is without doubt, one of the most celebrated and respected musicians on Ibiza. He plays; Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Darbuka, Djembe, Cajón, Kit Drums, and Dun Dun.

Though born in Italy, Rocky’s ancestral roots are from the island of Papua New Guinea, and clearly this tribal connection inspired him to be a musician, percussionist and all-round phenomenon. He’s a widely regarded as an A-List percussionist in Europe, fully booked for weddings, private events, prime location restaurants and venues, clubs nights, and yet he somehow finds time for the studio. Rocky has performed in the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Portugal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Singapore over the last 20 years, 12 of those including Ibiza.

As an inaugural member of the Fonoteca family, I can honestly say that it was his passion for music, his warmness and disarming humility, that set the standard for every other musician who followed. When it came to integrating his percussive energy into a performance, he always did so effortlessly, sublimely. Rocky has earned the right to own the beat, and set the rhythm, but even when he’s having to follow a DJ or a random band, his hands find a way to make everything better. Every time I’ve performed with Rocky feels like a privilege, and I doubt I’m the only one to feel that way.

His greatest musical inspirations are  Fela Kuti, Giovanni Hidalago (Congas Master), Tito Puente (Timbales Master), Alpha Blonde, and Bob Marley. For many musicians, the opportunity to solo is a rare one, and often evades a percussionist, but in true Rocky style, he described his proudest moment as: “Interacting with the crowd delivering 100% and seeing people dancing and enjoying what I perform.”


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Artists: Fonoteca, Rocky On Percussion
Label: Fonoteca
Genres: Balearic, Disco, Electro, Fonoteca Artist, Funk, House, Jazz, Latin, Roots, Soul, Techno

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