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Balearic bliss – Finca Son Berga, Mallorca

The rustic charm of Finca Son Berga, at the base of the Tramuntana mountain range of Mallorca, has a history dating back to the 16th Century. It’s jaw dropping vistas and perfectly restored buildings and antique farming equipment, provided the perfect setting for this beautiful couple’s celebration of love.

The Date : October 5th 2019

The Couple : Zora & Ryan

The Venue : Finca Son Berga, Mallorca


We have been fortunate enough to have curated three full day wedding programmes at Son Berga, and are planning a fourth in 2020, but this was a wedding we’ll never forget. From their truly moving ceremony all the way through to a party that really brought everyone together on the dance floor.

After having been recommended by AJ & Leah, a vibrant couple who’d enjoyed both my acoustic performances during their ceremony & aperitifs, as well as my DJ skills, in another gorgeous Mallorca finca the previous year, Zora, our bride, made contact and enlisted our services to programme the whole music programme for their special day. They had settled in Mallorca in recent years, and decided to fly both families to the island to see why they had fallen in love with the Balearic Islands. Don’t be fooled, however, their love story dates back to a shared childhood in Botswana, and in person they exude a total and utter respect and admiration for one another, along with a childlike joy and gratitude that was heartwarming to see.

They are a couple of great taste in all things, and their wide taste in music was no exception. These are, of course, always a treat for us. They’d decided on some gorgeous songs to commemorate their love and it was a pleasure to put it all together.

We started with a bespoke playlist of warm familiarity and soft elegance as their guests entered the courtyard, with songs from the likes of Corinne Bailey Rae, Ben Howard, Jamiroquai, Paul Simon, Norah Jones & Main Ingredient.

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Once we moved to ceremony, I sang my version of “Hallelujah” for the bridesmaid’s entrance, followed by a special performance from Zora’s cousins, who sang “River” by Leon Bridges, certainly a beautiful tribute. The ceremony itself was moving and heartfelt and the setting was perfect. Personally, it’s one of my favourite ceremony settings in Mallorca. For their exit as a married couple, they’d opted for a performance of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”.

Moving on from their ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy a incredible array of canapés from their expert caterers and The Ibiza Feeling Acoustic Trio performed our unique renditions of some of their favourites with percussion, guitar, sax and vocals. Here’s a snippet of our version of Elton John’s “Your Song”.

If you’re looking to create an electrifying party but also include other types musical performances, I would always suggest The Ibiza Feeling. The four of us can perform both individually and collaboratively in so many ways, our guests don’t often realise it’s the same performer sometimes until much later! As well as it being better value for money, it’s also more practical having just a small team dedicated to your day rather than two different live acts arriving with two different sound-systems and needing updating and advising on all your schedules and needs.

Once the guests were sat for dinner, Zora and Ryan made their entrance into the courtyard through this enchanting curtain of light you see above. The whole place truly looks like a fairytale and sang the glowing newly-weds up to the head of the table with “Walking On Sunshine”. We had another dinner playlist prepared for them, warming up from the likes of Daniel Caesar and Sade up to Ray Charles and Natalie Cole as the drinks flowed and laughter during the speeches filled the air. Don’t forget, we can be sure that you have a high quality wireless microphone ready and waiting for these important moments too.

With one set of speakers set up for the dinner, we’d brought another, more powerful set of speakers and set it up in the same courtyard where the guests first met on that gorgeous October day, but now it was time to party! Our guests were ready for it and so were we. I love changing my look for the evening… bring on the sequins! With no stage, we were on the same level as the party people so I sang through the crowd and enjoyed every moment.

“Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, I know I can count on you. Sometimes I feel like saying “Lord, I just don’t care!” But you got the love I need to see me through”


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Dominique on sax absolutely blew everyone away and Ian was on fire, mixing through the our repertoire of floor fillers and making sure everyone got their moment! Rocky played his pounding rhythms, which had full support of this international crowd.

I always love to see the shock on people’s faces at how much energy we manage to find at that moment after realising we’d all woken up first thing that morning, travelled by ferry together with all our equipment, arrived after the drive to Son Berga and set up our equipment, sound-checked, already performed and eaten a big meal… and that’s just today, as musicians, we would probably have performed between 4-6 times that week already. The truth is, we’re made for those moments and we’re junkies to that feeling of adrenaline that you get on stage doing the thing you’ve trained for and dedicated your life to. I know we all slept well that night though.

After that electric performance, if I do say so myself, Rocky and Dom packed up their equipment and drove to our Palma overnight accommodation, but me and Ian still had a job to do. The party wasn’t over yet! At Son Berga, there’s a great little indoor club with DJ Booth on one side and a bar on the other. We took it in turns to keep the party rocking and as always, saw some unique and amusing dance displays! This is always a highlight of my day’s work if I have a wedding booking! Bring on the dance-off!

As I write this, I’m thrilled for Zora and Ryan in the knowledge that they’re now expecting their first child. I’m sure they’ll be fantastic parents to what’s bound to be a crazy beautiful baby. Congratulations!

Planned by Marta at Appetite Weddings.

Photography by Billie Media.


Written By: Fonoteca Blog

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