Open-air at Raco Verd, Ibiza

This was a rare opportunity to express myself musically at a venue I love and respect. I first saw the brilliance of this venue in the deep mid-winter of 2009. One of the oldest street parties in Ibiza is the Sant Josep 'Flower Power' party. I'm certain that by the time I was introduced to this phenomenal gathering there were things that had started to become formulaic and 'conventional', given that this tiny, one-road town...

Rooftop Sessions at Amare Hotel 2019

The opening of the new Amare Beach Hotel, and it's rooftop restaurant Hayaca overlooking the spectacular bay of San Antonio, was a much anticipated event at the start of the 2019 summer season. As two of the 30+ selected performers on the Ibiza Music Agency roster to have been given regular residencies, Ian and Nell worked several days a week with some familiar musicians and DJs, and some others who were new to us. Ian...