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FONOTECA/Oggie Marinski

Oggie Marinski


Location: Hungarian
Event Type: Artist
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About Tour

I am a classical guitarist living in Ibiza,  the Meka of the electronic music.

I feel honoured and privileged to be on this island and  be able to play classical guitar and perform  to great audiences and reveal the beauty of this ancient instrument which touches  directly the hearts of the people.

For the  past eight years I have been sharing my music and talent with people who may never in their life attend a classical guitar concert. At weddings, private or  corporate events, churches or beach bars,  or just  on the beach or under the blossoms of orange and almond  trees, the guitar creates a unique  romantic  meditative   atmosphere that establishes a very special connection between the artist and the audience. My  biggest reward is seeing faces of people light up and bring out emotions of  joy and calmness.

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