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Proof that LOVE can be more contagious than COVID – Ibiza Wedding in 2020

2019 was a great year for us at Fonoteca. In Winter of that year, we were processing a great number of enquiries for our musical services at beautiful celebrations of love and one of them, was from Alexandra, a gorgeous go-getter who’d relocated to Ibiza, as we had, over 10 years ago and now was getting hitched! It was an honour, of course, to be asked to perform for her Ibiza wedding in October 2020. Little did we all know, what challenges lay ahead.

(Words by Nell Shakespeare / Photos by Stephanie Shenton)


The Date : October 16th 2020

The Couple : Alex & Tim

The Venue : Can Berri, Sant Agusti, Ibiza

It’s been over a year since parts of the world began to find themselves at the mercy of coronavirus. There were so many plans made and subsequently postponed and postponed again. Our heart goes out to all the couples who’ve been living in a state of limbo since all of this began, as well as wedding suppliers like ourselves, who’ve more or less gone without a salary for over a year now. It’s certainly been a challenge.

But in this blog, I want to celebrate the love that prevailed and this special wedding that STILL TOOK PLACE against the odds.

The original plan for these guys was to hire a private villa to celebrate in, with guests flying in from around the globe. Much of Tim’s family were due to fly in from Australia and Alex also had family flying in from the Philippines. They had wanted us to take care of the music throughout the day, including an acoustic session, and a DJ late into the night featuring Rocky on percussion and my live vocals. We were in excited talks about light-up LED dance-floors and all kinds of fun additions to get the party going, with a soundtrack of everything from Motown all the way to UK Garage.

Here in Spain, we went into lockdown quite early in comparison with some other countries, and by the time we got to July, we were able to enjoy around 6 weeks of Summer. Bars and restaurants were allowed to open with restrictions and I found myself with 3-6 public performances a week, which was a huge relief for both my bank balance and my mental state of mind. Unfortunately, despite all this, weddings and private celebrations had serious restrictions. It was like a game of Russian Roulette that I’m sure anyone who had a wedding booked for 2020 (or even now in 2021) can sympathise with. Being so late in the season, I think, gave them an advantage considering it wasn’t a date that was likely to be reserved for any other event so the three of us kept it booked in our diary and hoped for the restrictions at the time to allow love and vows to prevail.

On writing this article, I delved into my memory, and then scrolled through the far more reliable and incredibly helpful Facebook group “Ibiza Covid-19 Info” – (Thanks to Lesley Donald, Tricia Templeton and Frank Bohm) of what was allowed at the time, but how confusing it’s all been. It seems the relevant rules came down to restaurants being allowed 50% capacity, a 10pm curfew and critically, the wearing of masks.

If one must wear a mask on their wedding day, it ought to match their dress or suit, and those of Alex and Tim were definitely the most elegant I’ve seen to date!

Technically, you weren’t supposed to gather with more than 10 people at this time, but within a restaurant, as long as we didn’t dance, approach the bar or move tables without a mask, we could get away with it. Sant Agusti church is situated with one of my favourite views in Ibiza, and it couldn’t be any closer to Bar Can Berri.

Masks had to be worn throughout the ceremony, but allowances were made for their first kiss, of course!

Whilst the all-important vows were being taken in the church, myself, Ian and Rocky were waiting excitedly a few metres away to start the celebrations at Bar Can Berri. It was my first time performing there, although over the years, I’ve enjoyed many live concerts on their outside terrace garden, amongst the orange trees. They are most famous for their special live music day with feastings of calçots; a type of garlic (although tasting closer to onion) native to Catalonia and eaten from late Winter to early Spring, and enjoyed with a delicious Romesco sauce – definitely one to watch out for when we’re allowed to socialise and enjoy events again!

Once the guests had filed out of the church and through the cute little gate of Can Berri, we started up the music, playing first from our Fonoteca Sound set. This meant Ian on the decks whilst I sang some of most sunshiney and loved up covers, with Rocky providing some percussive beats on top. It was met with smiles and delight from all the guests.

We didn’t take any videos but I know our mash up of Bob Marley’s “Sun is Shining” went down especially well…


We also performed some of their favourite Motown classics such as “Higher and Higher”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”. I always enjoy singing these big soul classics so much! It was a great energy for everyone to toast the happy couple.

Although it was sad to see them without certain key family members there, they had no regrets in going ahead with their plans to wed and celebrate. In fact, on the contrary, Alex was very excited to get her SECOND wedding in when it was possible, in Australia, where Tim is from. She even has a second incredible wedding gown for it! That is a perk!

There were some key songs that they’d asked me to perform with my acoustic guitar after speeches which included the epic “Simply The Best”, made to sound refreshingly different on guitar, and “My Girl” by The Temptations. Although, the rules were ‘no dancing’ which, for many who chose to relocate to Ibiza, is akin to ‘no breathing’, they did get away with a very well-distanced first dance successfully.


We kept the music going, the excellent staff kept the drinks flowing and the guests kept the love growing until we had to call time on this triumph a little earlier than we would’ve wanted due the 10pm curfew but what an unforgettable day.

We truly thank Alex & Tim for choosing us to provide the soundtrack for their monumental day of love, and for inspiring us to stay strong in these most testing of times. We can’t wait to hear about the second wedding!


Here’s what they said about us:

Highly recommend Nell & Ian – what a complementary duo. Great to work with & very creative during the pandemic restrictions.

Thanks to Nell, Ian & Rocky, we were able to go ahead with our wedding with some lovely live acoustic sounds at our reception.

Ian’s Music selection was also on point we all loved his choices. We all had a sneaky little dance & we even managed to get our first dance in too which was fantastic & unexpected.

Production wise the team were very organised, created beautiful sounds, with a professional stage set up of all equipment needed to ensure our day went without a musical hitch.

Thanks again for making our day so memorable.

Alexandra & Timothy AmiriDukes


Written By: Fonoteca Blog

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