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The Ibiza Feeling

The Ibiza Feeling is the brainchild of Ibiza’s serial crowd pleaser, Nell Shakespeare, and is made up of four lifelong disciples of the love of music and performance. Having established herself in Ibiza as a constantly in demand vocalist and acoustic guitarist for wedding ceremonies and private events, it was a natural step to form her own party band and add the irresistible, show-stopping saxophony of island veteran and multi-talented Dominic De Larrard, and the soulful percussion and tribal rhythms of another island legend Rocky Ruffini. This superb trio of musicians is supported by a DJ who has mixed his way through 25 years of music history and club culture, a fiance of Nell and her partner in the Fonoteca business, Ian Kennedy.

Nell Shakespeare

After many years, and multiple weddings, Nell came up with a wedding party concept called The Ibiza Feeling. She fronts the band and delivers a non-stop, high energy set of classic disco, house, Motown and rock, accompanied by the Ibiza Feeling band.

Janine _ Preeth-1002
Ian Kennedy Ibiza DJ

Ian Kennedy

It’s me again! This time I’m the DJ mixing tracks for the headlining Ibiza Feeling Band. A live band concept using a special selection of backing tracks which cater for every conceivable wedding party. I also perform as part of The Topaz Movement.


Rocky On Percussion

One of the most respected and loved percussionists on Ibiza. Rocky brings his energy in full flow to every event he performs at. Having travelled the world with his art, and being set off in life through parents from Papua New Guinea and Italy, he has gathered his drums and dropped his roots in Ibiza.

Rocky Ruffini Ibiza Percussionist
dominique de larrard ibiza sax

Dominique De Larrard

If there is anything else you can be brilliant at, we can’t think of it. A scuba diver, climber, mechanic and builder, and incredibly also on of the most jaw-dropping saxophonists you could ever wish to hear. Dominique hails from Bordeaux