When love came raining down – Can Domingo, Ibiza

In the early summer of 2022 my phone pinged with a message, and somewhat of a blast from the past. Louis and I had met in Ibiza many moons ago, when he came here in a group of friends, to enjoy the clubs and nightlife.

The Date : October 16th 2022

The Couple : Tania & Louis

The Venue : Can Domingo, Sant Josep, Ibiza

This message was a request for advice. He was planning his wedding to Tania, his beautiful Italian fiancee, and he was asking me for general advice on locations, accommodation, catering and the many other considerations a wedding requires.

Our conversation predictably turned to music, which gave me the opportunity to introduce him to Fonoteca, and the work I’d been doing on the island recently. To my delight, the conversation turned into an official enquiry, and then to my concept for the day. To cut a long story short, Tania and Louis booked Fonoteca’s services for their wedding celebration at Can Domingo, Sant Josep.

Images courtesy of David Corral – Ibiza in Love

What made this event such a rewarding experience for me, was that Tania is Italian and Louis is African, and both would be inviting family and friends from their respective countries. This meant that I had an opportunity to provide a music program drawing from the vast riches of Italian and West African musical heritage.

The couple opted again for Imane Jade, to provide her vocal and acoustic performance for the after-ceremony canapés. For the after-dinner party, I would be joined on the decks by Rocky on Percussion, when together we would kick start the dancing with Rocky’s congas and Djembe drum, to a selection of traditional Congolese and Sierra Leonian music, and Souk.

I admit to being rather nervous. Not only because it was probably the first time I’d been asked to play such a specific and traditional style of music for a wedding party, and because I knew my selection would have to be appreciated by the elders of Louis’ African family, but also because it’s a music I love so much that I hoped I could do it justice.

After my first mix, and with Louis’ parents, his uncle and aunt, and the rest of the congregation filling the dance floor, I knew I was about to have a very special night. Rocky performed exceptionally, as always, and when his set was over I continued to play for a few more hours until the busses arrived to take everyone home.

Smaller, more intimate, weddings are often more enjoyable for a DJ or performer, not because there are fewer people to please but because you feel a much stronger connection to the people celebrating. It’s always a privilege to perform for a celebration of love, and his was most certainly one of those particularly brilliant nights, and one I’ll never forget.


Music has been a big part of both of our lives, and played a huge part in bringing us together.  As we were having a smaller wedding it was vital that it was just perfect and that we, and our guests, had the opportunity to dance our shoes off!!!

The ages and backgrounds were very varied on the day, so getting it right would be tricky; but after chatting with Ian, and laying out what we wanted, he presented loads of options for live music and we discussed and shared the DJ playlist so he knew exactly what to play. He didn’t disappoint. The music was magic, and they performed despite only the second rain storm of the SUMMER!!!

Imane Jades’s session turned into a live concert performance under the canopies.  She really set everyone up for a magical night. Ian’s DJ set was on point, getting everyone up and dancing, including my 80 year mum & dad, to some 1970s Afro jazz, Soukous and Congolese Rumba.

Having Ian onboard removed so much stress, and all we can say is thank you for making our special day… Very Special!

Tania & Louis